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NZXT unveils C Series PSUs

NZXT unveils its C series range modular power supplies, which boast 80 Plus Gold certification and come in 650W, 750W, and 850W flavours.

Modular PC PSU with cables unplugged

NZXT has announced a new range of modular PSUs, the C Series. These 80 Plus Gold certified PSUs feature a fully modular design and are available in 650W, 750W and 850W versions. The cooling is provided by a 135mm fluid-dynamic bearing fan but the PSU is designed to operate with the fan off where necessary, only spinning up when necessary to reduce noise.

The C Series provides enough power with the C650 and C750 to operate a GeForce 2080RTX but for multi-GPUs the C850 is recommended. There are over/under voltage protections, as well as safeguards against short-circuits or over-current and overheating, which ought to ensure your system is protected in the event something does a number on the power supply, and NZXT has a ten year warranty on the PSU itself.

The NZXT C Series should be available from early February, with the MSRP for the C650 at $109.99 US, $119.99 US for the C750 and $129.99 US for the C850.