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NZXT release Warcraft themed cases

NZXT unleashes its Warcraft themed limited edition gaming PC cases, which will sit right at home for any old-school RTS or WoW fan's setup.

Warcraft themed PC case

With classic World of Warcraft making such a big impression and recapturing the hearts and minds of the poor folks who thought they’d finally managed to get clean it was only a matter of time until somebody fired off a custom case or two. And here they are. The NZXT Warcraft cases are limited editions based on the H510, which is already a versatile case with several variations. The H510 is a compact midi-tower with a tempered glass side panel and a shape so square you could set your watch by it. The Warcraft variations, blue for Alliance and red for the Horde faction, don’t do anything with the shape or the window, but they do go big on an adorkable paintjob and appropriately coloured front light.

There’s a commitment to the bit here that’s definitely charming. It’s the PC case equivalent of having of having a Warcraft duvet cover and matching pyjamas. Fandom is kind of tacky, fandom is kind of embarrassing, but the heart wants what it wants and that’s what we’re looking at here.

Inside the case things are as you’d expect with the PSU compartmentalised below with a viewing area above. The paint scheme extends a little bit further inside but generally the interior is plain so that you can do what you want with it.

The cooling set up is not extravagant. 2x 120mm or 2x 140mm in the front panel, a rear mounted 120mm fan as an exhaust and another 120mm or 140mm in the top. Interestingly the two pre-installed 120mm fans go into the top and the rear, so there are no fans in the front at all by default. It’s not like this would cause any issues, but it’s an unusual choice of layout nonetheless.

The limited run of the Warcraft cases amount to a thousand units each and they are priced at $199.99 USD. They are expected to ship in January.