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Noblechairs announces the Black Edition

Noblechairs announced its new Black Edition gaming chairs, an update to the company's existing ranges that includes upgraded materials.

Black gaming chair on black background

Noblechairs has announced a new range of chairs, which they have called the Black Edition. The Black Editions are updates to the existing Epic, Icon and Hero ranges based upon the use of a new more breathable material which allows them to be more comfortable for longer periods of time.

This new hybrid material is manufactured in Germany and is tear proof, abrasion resistant, fire resistant, easy to clean and lightfast, which means that it doesn’t lose its colour on exposure to sunlight. This is important for something like the Black Edition where turning grey wouldn’t be quite as cool. The new material is manmade and 100% vegan which is good all round.

The Black Edition chairs feature minimalistic stitching and a matt black finish which differentiates them somewhat from the original lines of Noblechairs which come in an array of colours and styles. They include the neck and lumbar pillows of the other chairs, and the same 4d arm rests and quiet 60mm casters.

All three new Black Edition variants are available now. The Epic for £299.99 the Hero for £349.99 and the Icon for £329.99.