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MSI launches the Sekira case line

The range of MSI Sekira PC cases features vertical GPU placement and a host of cooling options, alongside an idea which we're amazed no one thought of before.

MSI gaming case with LEDs

MSI has launched their new line up of Sekira cases. These are a trio of high-end midi-towers designed around formidable cooling with a variety of visual options from the understated 500P and 500G to the addressable RGB illuminated discomonster that is the 500X. Although only the 500X boasts an RGB setup the design of all three features a few surprising features.

The first of these features is a distinctive side door with a tempered glass panel. This means that instead of having to pop the side panel off completely to fiddle with the guts of your PC you just open the door, like a normal person with a normal object would do. I’m not sure how to feel about this, it makes me question why I’ve been taking side panels off my whole life. Did it really only just occur to somebody to put a door on the side of a PC? Is there a reason why nobody does this? We’ll have to wait until we review a Sekira to find out, but it’s definitely a novel feature.

The real meat of the Sekira range lies with the cooling though. The front panel of the case can mount 3x 120mm, 3x 140mm, or 2x 200mm fans. The 500G and 500X both come with twin 200mm fans in the front, with the 500X having one of these fitted with addressable RGB LEDs. The 500P goes with 120mm fans. This is a substantial opening gambit as cooling setups go, and of course this area can also be used to mount radiators up to 280mm. The rear of the case mounts a single either 120mm or 140mm fan, and all versions of the case include a 120mm fan here. The roof of the case can mount 3x 120mm, 2x 140mm or 2x 200mm as well, with a maximum radiator length of 360mm. The 500X mounts two more RGB 200mm fans in the top and its RGB controller unit has the capacity for 8 devices, so even with the fans and front panel RGB strip there’s room to expand.

The cooling arrangement means that there is potential for a water cooling build using those big brackets for radiators, or a quiet air cooled build taking advantage of the lower RPM required by larger fans, or you could just hoover up masses of air through the front and blast it out the top. It’s versatile.

The Sekira cases support vertical mounting of graphics cards if you want to show off a bit and include enough bays for 4x 3.5in/2.5in drives and 3x 2.5in drives if you’re looking to cram your PC with storage. The drive bays and PSU are tucked out of sight below the window in a belly compartment while there is a space behind the motherboard tray for cables.

The Sekira 500X is available now for £219.99 with the 500G coming in at £189.98 and the 500P at £179.99.