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MSI announces the MAG Vampiric series of cases

A new line of entry level gaming PC cases from MSI show just how far cheaper chassis models have come in the budget building space.

Black PC gaming case on white background

MSI has launched a new line of entry level cases, called the MAG Vampiric. Specifically they are the MAG Vampiric 011C, the MAG Vampiric 010X and the MAG Vampiric 010M. As entry level cases the bells and whistles are kept to a minimum, but they demonstrate very neatly just how far the bar has risen in terms of the expectations for a case in this price bracket.

The MAG Vampiric 011C is an AMD Ryzen branded version of the case. The 010M is the most low-key of the trio with a plain exterior and the 010X also has a plain casing but includes addressable RGB lights on the front of the case and on the supplied fan. The 010X also has a four point ARGB lighting controller. All three of the MAG Vampiric cases have a tempered glass side panel.

The cooling options for the MAG Vampiric range are comprehensive. The front panel mounts 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans, the top can mount 2x 120mm or 2x 140mm and the rear mounts a single 120mm, which is pre-installed. Each of these mounts can carry an equivalent sized radiator instead of fans. This gives the MAG Vampiric a respectable amount of cooling options.

Storage options are 2x 3.5in or 2x 2.5in drives, tucked away in a belly compartment alongside the PSU. The front panel features 2x USB 2.0s and a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port as well as audio connections.

The MSI MAG Vampiric cases are available now. The 010X for £59.99 the 010M for £44.99 and the 011C for £49.99.