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MSI announces the MAG Forge 100 case series

MSI launches three new mid-tower gaming PC cases but details are thin on the ground as to what they actually have to offer to the consumer.

MSI logo on white background

MSI has announced a new range of midi tower cases, the MAG Forge 100 series. There are three cases in this particular line-up, the Forge 100R, the Forge 100M and the Forge 101M. The announcement itself is pretty light on details, pictures and information in general, but who doesn’t love a bit of a mystery.

The three Forge 100 cases look the same in terms of the case design itself, sharing the same design of front panel and each having a 4mm tempered glass window. It feels reasonably safe to presume they are very similar in terms of internal layout too. The difference lies in the preinstalled fans and lighting arrangements. The Forge 100R has pre-installed ARGB lighting in its front and rear fans, as well as including a lighting controller for up to six fans in total. The Forge 100M has illuminated fans in the same configuration, but without the addressable RBG lighting. The 101R has a third illuminated fan in the front, but no ARGB system.

The announcement lacks a detailed breakdown of the cooling setup, but we can see from the images provided that there is space for 3x 120mm fans in the front panel and 2x 120mm in the top as well as the rear fan.

There is a compartment below the side window panel for the PSU and drives to be installed to keep everything neat and tidy.

There is as yet no MSRP or release date.