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Logitech unveils the G604 Lightspeed

The Logitech G604 Lightspeed gaming mouse comes with a frankly absurd amount of programmable buttons, in addition to wireless connectivity and more.

Black gaming mouse on black background

The G604 Lightspeed is the upcoming gaming mouse from Logitech. The G604 is a wireless right handed mouse that scoffs at the current trend for stripped down lightweight mice and instead places itself squarely as being a mouse that has a button for just about everything.

Powering the G604 is a single AA battery running in one of two modes. Lightspeed mode, for continuous use in games, which carries an expected lifespan of 240 hours per battery and Bluetooth which should be good for up to five months. The sensor is a HERO 16K, a 16000 DPI sensor designed for power efficiency and precise tracking.

What makes the G604 stand out from many of the current crop is the number of programmable buttons and other control functions. The wheel can be used to make single steps or set to roll, and can also step sideways. There is a nest of thumb buttons, six in total, which is enough that it could take some getting used to, but also enough to enable a significant change to a playstyle. The total number of programmable buttons is fifteen if you’re willing to press the sensitivity controls and up/down wheel steps into service.

The G604 Lightspeed should be out later this year and costs £84.99.