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Lian Li launches TU150 mini tower case

It might be small but the new Lian Li TU150 mini gaming PC case holds some big surprises and innovative design properties to set it apart from the pack.

PC mini tower case on white background

The Lian Li TU150 mini tower case has appeared and amid the oddities and illuminations it could be construed as looking almost low key. However while not being as ostentatious as some what we’ve got here is a brushed aluminium mini tower with a full size tempered glass side panel, some serious cooling and expansion options for its size and a retractable magnetic carrying handle, all good ideas for a somewhat portable PC.

With its diminutive stature, only 203mm across, 312mm high and 375mm deep, the Lian Li TU150 tops out at the installation of a mini-ITX or mini-DTX motherboard, with a maximum graphics card length of 320mm. Despite that small frame though the case still manages to fit a 120mm fan in the front or the rear and 2x 120mm fans venting out the floor of the case. The rear fan mounting can also mount a 120mm radiator. It might not be an orthodox layout for the fans but that’s a lot of fan for not a very big case.

There is space for 2x 2.5in SSD or 1x 2.5in SSD and a single 3.5in HDD. The PSU has to be small though, either an SFX or SFX-L configuration in order to fit. Cables are routed behind a back plate and also in the top in an ‘attic’ compartment, making efficient use of the limited space.

The Lian Li TU150 is available for pre-order now for £109.99 in either black or silver.