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Kolink unveils the Big Chungus case

Kolink unveils the supremely memey Big Chungus gaming PC case, which as you might expect is able to fit quite a good many components.

Large PC gaming case with green front fans

This is an odd one. If the meme-based name wasn’t a big enough clue that there’s something weird going on here the shape of this case ought to be a dead giveaway. The Kolink Big Chungus is a rhomboid shaped case with an aluminium base section that looks almost like a sled. It is a profoundly strange thing, a case that, like the meme from which it takes its name, inspires an almost immediately reaction of, “Lads, WTF?”

By virtue of its size and features the Big Chungus meets the definition of a full tower case with room for an E-ATX motherboard, even if the shape of it defies logic and common sense. The front, roof and side panels are tempered glass, and once you get past the weird angles and irregular angles the inside of the case is spacious and tidy, an ideal home for a display-worthy build.

Aside from the shape the Big Chungus boasts a lot of lighting right out of the box, five addressable LED fans are pre-installed, as well as two more ARGB lighting strips. The 5x 120mm fans are arranged with four down the front and one at the back, and there is space for 3x 120mm fans in the bottom and 2x 120mm fans in the top. You can also use these mountings for liquid cooling radiators of matching size. The built in ARGB controller can be connected to a compatible motherboard and it also has enough connections not just for the five default fans and strips but for two extra devices as well. There are colour and pattern selections built into the controller so if you never want to go near a software controller for the lighting you can do that and still have a full-bore disco case.

The I/O panel is located on the base section and includes a USB 3.1 Type C connection as well as audio in/out, a USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports. There is space for 2x drives of 3.5in or 2.5in and 2x 2.5in drives past that, not a lot for a full tower but we’re not looking at a data centre case here.

At approximately 16kg and £209.99 the Big Chungus is definitely something of a unit and there are definitely props for leaning into such a surreal design. It is available to pre-order now although there is no exact date of launch available.