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Get a 16-core Intel Core i9 CPU for just $325 - bargain!

Price of Intel Core i9-12900K crashes by 54 percent in limited Amazon offer, giving you eight P-Cores and eight E-Cores for the price of a Core i5-13600K.

Intel Core i9-12900K Amazon offer

Anyone who paid full price for an Intel Core i9-12900K last year is going to look at this latest offer with a touch of green in their face, as Amazon currently has an Intel CPU offer, with the 16-core Alder Lake flagship going for an incredible price of just $325.

To put that price into perspective, that’s just $8 more than the Core i5-13600K at the moment, which only has six of Intel’s full-fat P-Cores. While the Core i9-12900K is ostensibly a 12th-gen CPU, there were very few architectural changes in the move to the Raptor Lake architecture, and it’s still a very potent 16-core CPU.

Intel Core i9-12900K offer

Intel Core i9 12900k

When we first reviewed the Core i9-12900K, we described it as ‘an absolute monster’, and were wowed by its performance in both games and content creation. It has eight of Intel’s mighty P-Cores, which have a boost clock speed of 5.2GHz, along with eight E-Cores to help out in heavily multi-threaded workloads.

The Core i9-12900K has since been superseded by the Core i9-13900K and Ryzen 9 7950X, but those CPUs currently cost around $550, making the Core i9-12900K a bargain for just $325. If you want to pick one up for yourself, just click on the link below.

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