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Intel planning big DG1 graphics card reveal at GDC

Intel is planning to reveal the details about its new graphics card at the Game Developers Conference, but details remain scarce for now.

PC graphics card

Seeing Intel turn up to CES with a brand new graphics card in tow was a bit of a shock to the system, one that was exacerbated somewhat by their decision to be cagey with the details about it. The wait for answers isn’t exactly at an end, but Intel has confirmed that they will be doing a deep dive into their new graphics card architecture at GDC this year in March.

It feels like a given that Intel wouldn’t be keeping this first foray into graphics cards under wraps if it was going to be wrestling with the AMD and Nvidia behemoths, but some ideas about where to set expectations would be good.

Intel have cited a connection between the DG1 and the integrated GPUs on their CPUs so possibly the new cards are intended as a kind of booster to work alongside their iGPUs. It looks like we’ll only have to wait until the 16-20th of March to find out.