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Intel flagship CPU spotted online

The Intel Core i9 10900K gaming CPU has finally made an appearance in the 3dMark database, highlighting some potential information on its specs and performance.

Intel logo in blue on white background

A sharp eyed Twitter user took a screenshot of what seems to be the listing for the Comet Lake Intel Core i9-10900K in the 3dMark database. The screengrab is notably short of a few key details, for example it lists the TDP as 0, and it lists the manufacturing process as 0nm, but what it does show is that the stock clock of the i9-10900K is 3.7GHz and the boosted clock speed is 5.088GHz.

The core and thread count for the Core i9-10900K was already known to be 10/20, so these numbers for speed help to fill in the blanks. There is nothing to sniff at here certainly, a 10/20 core/thread CPU boosted up to nearly 5.1GHz is not the sort of hardware most folks would kick out of bed for eating crackers.

There have been rumours however that the power draw for the Core i9-10900K is in the ballpark of 300W. This would put the demands from these chips on a par with the those of the AMD Threadrippers and mean that substantial cooling will be required. The unfortunate absence of a TDP number in the 3dMark screengrab leaves these questions about power draw and cooling unanswered.

The Comet Lake CPUs are due for release in April.