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Has Intel’s new CPU line up leaked

Leaked slides appear to show Intel's new processor range, providing details on the specs of the Core i9 10900K and less powerful processors.

Intel logo in blue on white background

With CES just around the corner a few leaks would be considered par for the course, but a couple of presentation slides that have apparently slipped out at Intel seem to give up quite a lot. The slides first appeared on a Uruguay-based site, Informatica Cero and have since appeared elsewhere, seeming to reveal Intel’s upcoming CPU slate.

So, assuming for the sake of arguments that the information on the blurry slides is reliable, what are we looking at?

The Core i9 gets bumped up to a 10/20 core/thread count. The i9-10900K gets a base speed of 3.7GHz with an all-core boost of 4.8GHz and a 125W TDP. The i9-10900 has a 2.8GHz base and an all core boost of 4.5GHz with a 65W TDP. The Core i7-10700 CPUs have 8/16 cores/threads and the i7-10700K gets 3.8GHz base clock with a 4.7GHz all core boost while the i7-10700 gets 2.9GHz base and 4.6GHz all core boost.

The Core i5 range maintains six cores but gains hyperthreading across the board giving them 6/12 cores/threads. There is also a slight bump in speed by around 200Mhz. This is also the case for the Core i3 range, bringing them all up to 4/8 cores/threads, with some small speed hikes.

This feels like a significant yet fairly workmanlike overhaul should it pan out as rumoured, no big surprises but a general strengthening of the range without anything really attention grabbing. A couple more cores on a slightly faster Core i9 isn’t particularly dramatic as flagships go but competitive pricing could make the rest of the line-up very appealing.