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Gelid Radiant-D review

Good airflow and a low price along with RGB lighting make this a reasonable 120mm case fan but it's noisy and its RGB lighting only support 3-pin input.

Gelid Radiant-D review

Our Verdict


cent airflow and RGB lighting for a reasonable price, but it’s noisy.

The $16 Gelid Radiant-D boasts a reasonable peak spin speed of 2,000rpm and also has RGB lighting. There are no accessories in the box, and it has a basic fan frame and design, but thankfully Gelid hasn’t cut the 4-pin PWM connector. Despite having a 4-pin RGB connector, though, it only supports 5V 3-pin headers, and using the former can actually kill the lighting circuitry. There’s nothing in the box mentioning this, which is a serious problem.

Gelid Radiant-D performance

Check our how we test page for our fan testing procedure. 

This fan’s noise wasn’t great at full speed, with a mild whine but significant airflow noise. The noise did at least translate into good airflow and static pressure, with the Gelid landing the third best airflow speed on test of 2.2m/sec, with only the Phanteks T30 and be quiet! Silent Wings 4 offering more airflow.


Its airflow-to-noise efficiency was poor, but got better at 1,000rpm. Here, despite a still mediocre 50dBA, it again achieved one of the better airflow results and even bettered the be quiet! Silent Wings 4. When sound-normalized it managed a mid-table result, despite only managing 1,000rpm at this sound level in terms of airflow and efficiency.

Gelid Radiant-D pros and cons


  • RGB lighting
  • Great airflow
  • Reasonable price


  • Somewhat noisy
  • Loud at full speed
  • Should have 3-pin RGB plug

Gelid Radiant-D specs

The Gelid Radiant-D specs list is:

Max speed 2000rpm
Stated noise 33dBA
PWM control Yes
RGB lighting Yes, 4-pin
Accessories None

Gelid Radiant-D price

The Gelid Radiant-D is a fairly low-cost fan option, especially considering it includes RGB.

Price: Expect to pay $16 / £13

Gelid Radiant-D review conclusion

The Gelid offers great airflow and RGB lighting for a reasonable price, although it’s noisy. If you’re not particularly bothered by noise and just want an RGB fan and decent airflow, it’s definitely worth considering. However, the terrible decision to ship with a 4-pin RGB connector definitely mars our view. If you buy this fan, proceed with caution. For our choice of the best fan options, check out our best PC fan list.