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Gamemax Velocity review

With an exceptionally low price, the Gamemax Velocity offer great value for an RGB case fan, but peak airflow is low and noise is high.

Gamemax Velocity review

Our Verdict


A great price for RGB lighting, but its airflow and efficiency are poor.

The Gamemax Velocity retails for a price of just £28 for a three fan kit, and it even comes with digital RGB lighting, allowing for individual LEDs to be controlled independently via a 3-pin cable. Only the outer ring on the fan illuminates, but you can’t have everything. More annoying is that there’s no 4-pin fan connector and only a 3-pin one, so you’ll need to make sure your motherboard can either recognize the Gamemax or set it to direct voltage mode.


Gamemax Velocity performance

This fan’s peak speed is very low at just 1,500rpm, making the Velocity primarily a case fan, rather than a radiator or heatsink fan. Thankfully, it was very quiet, at just 62dBA in close proximity, but the Velocity also had the worst airflow on test at full-speed, with a measurement of just 1.13m/sec.

The Deepcool FC120 managed 1.82m/sec and was quieter too. Dipping down to 1,000rpm saw the Velocity being among the louder fans on test, but it again failed to put that noise into airflow with the second lowest result on test, as well as the lowest efficiency. This was mirrored in the sound-normalized tests, where it was either at the bottom of the results or next to the bottom result across the board.

Gamemax Velocity pros and cons


  • Only costs £28 for three
  • RGB lighting
  • Lighting cable can be daisy-chained


  • Poor airflow
  • Lowly efficiency

Gamemax Velocity specs

The Gamemax Velocity specs list is:

Max speed 1500rpm
Stated noise 24dBA
PWM control No
RGB lighting Yes, 3-pin
Accessories None

Gamemax Velocity price

The Gamemax Velocity offers exceptional value, though you do compromise on airflow and noise/airflow efficiency.

Gamemax Velocity review conclusion

If you just want to kit out a case with RGB fans, the Gamemax Velocity is a temptingly cheap option. However, its airflow and efficiency credentials leave a lot to be desired – it’s only worth considering for low budgets and systems that don’t need much airflow. For our choice of the best fan options, check out our best PC fan list.