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G.Skill announces ultra-capacity DDR4 memory kits

G.Skill announces some ultra-capacity DDR4 memory kits for HEDT platforms, the largest of which comes in at a whopping 256GB made up by eight sticks.

Two RAM modules on black background

With the new AMD and Intel HEDT CPUs having now been released G.Skill has announced some new high capacity quad-channel DDR4 kits, in case people forgot about memory in the hubbub. With the Intel X299 and AMD TRX40 platforms having a gigantic capacity for RAM the new kits from G.Skill meet the needs both for staggering quantities of memory while maintaining a high speed.

For the TRX40 motherboards the new kits range from 128GB and 256GB at a 2666 frequency, comprised of either 8x 32GB modules or 4x 32GB to a 3600 frequency line up that ranges from a 32GB kit comprised of 4x 8GB modules, to another 8x 32GB 256GB kit. In layman’s terms this is an extraordinary amount of extremely high performance RAM.

These speeds go up for the X299 motherboards however, with G.Skill offering modules at a frequency of 4000, once again in up to 8x 32GB 256GB kits with a CL timing of 18-22-22-42.

There is as yet no specific release date nor price from G.Skill for these new memory kits, but expectations are ‘soon’ and ‘a lot’ respectively.