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The future of Custom PC

We have moved! You'll now find all of Custom PC's news, reviews, buyer's guides, and reader builds over at PCGamesN - come and say hello.

Custom PC at PCGamesN

As you may have noticed, we haven’t posted anything on the Custom PC website for a while, so I thought it was about time we explained what exactly is going on. You’ll be glad to know that we haven’t given up writing about all the exciting goings on in the world of PC hardware. Instead, we’ve all moved over to the Hardware team on our brilliant (and enormous) sister site, PCGamesN.

While Custom PC had a strong, solid name as a UK print magazine, there’s no getting around the fact that we also had a very limited readership across the rest of the world, and moving all our work over to PCGamesN will bring it to a much wider international audience. We’ve already started shifting some of the reviews, guides, and build features from Custom PC over to PCGamesN Hardware, and we’re continuing to write more there as well.

Former Custom PC Deputy Editor Edward Chester and I are now heading up the PCGamesN hardware team, where we are bringing our wealth of hardware knowledge and journalism experience to the site. We will also continue to bring you reviews and guides from your favorite Custom PC writers, including Custom PC Modding Editor Antony Leather.

If you head over there now, you’ll be able to read loads of our work. Check out our latest GeForce RTX 4080 Super review, as well as our Radeon RX 7600 XT review where we look at AMD’s latest GPU with 16GB of VRAM. You can also find out how to build a gaming PC with our latest guide, take a crash course in how to water cool your PC, and follow my steps to build a retro gaming PC for DOS with a modern twist.

You’ll also find loads more hardware-related news and opinion pieces on PCGamesN because we now have a bigger, dedicated, more experienced team, which comprises the excellent talents of Samwise Willetts and Niall Walsh, as well as Ed and I. This week we’ve posted dozens of new stories, looking at why the new AMD Ryzen 7 5700 is bad news for gamers, along with an AMD Athlon Easter egg from the 1990s, the CableMod 12VHPWR adapter recall, and the latest rumors about Intel next-gen CPUs.

That doesn’t mean I’m not sad to say goodbye to Custom PC as a stand-alone brand. I had an enormous amount of fun over my 20 years on the magazine and website, but I’m also very pleased that our work will now be able to reach a much wider audience, and we’re having a great time in our new home.

That being said, we’re continuing to grow the Custom PC Facebook group too – now at almost half a million members and the number one place to share your builds. See you there.