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Fractal Design releases the Vector RS into the midi-tower high end

The new Vector RS mid tower PC gaming case from Fractal Design is showing a lot of glass yet succeeds in retaining a minimalist and functional design.

Black gaminmg case on white background

Fractal Design has gone heavy on the tempered glass with their newest case the Vector RS. The Vector RS is a midi-tower sporting tempered glass panels on the side, top and front of the case, providing a giant viewing window on the PC within.

While the temptation with some glass-focussed cases is to let the PC build inside do the talking the Vector RS goes in a different direction. The exterior shape of the case is angular and shaped, highlighted by a narrow ARGB stripe along the line where the glass panels meet the metal. It’s not the jangled mess of needless corners and LEDs that springs to mind so often with computer design, it is understated yet very much a something to be appreciated in its own right. The glass panels themselves have no bolts, and the case uses push-to-lock latching on the side so that there are minimal protruding screws or other disruptions to the shape.

For all the aesthetic attention the Vector RS has performance build chops too, even to the extent that the rooftop glass panel can be swapped out for a plain ventilated panel. Up to nine 120mm fans can be installed, three in the front, one in the back, three in the top and two in the floor. These fan installation points also double as radiator mounts, allowing for 360mm radiators in the top and front and a 240mm in the floor. The use of angled vents is intended to reduce noise without restricting air flow. Three fans are supplied, one in the rear and two in the front. To use fans or a radiator in the roof of the case you have to use the cooling vent rather than the glass panel.

The Vector RS, somewhat unusually, has the potential to carry a very substantial hard drive payload, out of the box it can mount 6x 3.5in drives and 2x 2.5in SSDs on trays, with the space for up to 11x 3.5in and 4x 2.5in drives with additional Type A brackets. This capacity speaks to the versatility of the case, it can look pretty, but it can also be stuffed to bursting with drives, rammed full of fans and have its sleek roof panel swapped with a vent all using the components in the box.

Fractal Designs have set the MSRP of the Vector RS at £179.99 for both the standard version and the alternate version which uses darkened tempered glass.