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Fractal Design releases Blackout coolers

Fractal Design has released Blackout versions of the Celsius S36 and S24 all-in-one-liquid coolers, for all you gaming PC goth builders out there.

PC water cooler and fans on white background

The new Blackout versions of Fractal Design’s Celsius-series water cooling systems have arrived, bringing a cleaner, uniform colour scheme to the Celsius S36 and S24. As the name suggests, this uniform colour scheme is black. The kind of thing you’d want if you were trying to keep the computers on a Disaster Area stunt ship from overheating before flying it into the sun.

The Blackout maintains the features of the original S36 and S24 Celsius. It still has the sound dampening, the choice of automatic or manual fan control and the same radiator fittings too. What has changed is that the fans are now Fractal Design X2 PWM models, in black, naturally.

Both the new versions are available to buy now. The Celsius S24 Blackout is priced at £104.99 inc VAT, and the Celsius S36 is priced at £114.99 inc VAT.