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Fractal Design launches Ion+ Platinum PSU line

80 PLUS Platinum power supplies are a rarity, but new Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum PSUs are hoping to change that and will be available in wattages up to 860W.

PC PSU on white background

Fractal Design has launched a new line of modular PSUs, the Platinum Ion+. Boasting a rarely seen 80 PLUS certification of platinum the Ion+ Platinum is compact and tidy, with an array of beefy output options and semi-passive cooling to keep everything quiet.

The semi-passive cooling, which is to say active cooling that only kicks in above a user-selected temperature, is provided by a customised 140mm Fractal Design Dynamic Series Fan. This means you shouldn’t need to hear a peep out of the PSU most of the time.

Fully modular design means that you only need to hook up the connectors you intend to use, with the Ion+ Platinum able to run 1x ATX, 1x EPS, 4x PCI-E, 6x SATA and 4x peripheral. The supplied cables use UltraFlex wires, with the 600mm long ATX cable having a braided sleeve. Having a cable that long is intended to give more wiggle room with cable management; you probably shouldn’t take it as an invitation to install your motherboard two feet away from the PSU.

The output range for the Ion+ Platinum line starts at 560W, with 660W, 760W and an 860W variant rounding out the collection.

The MSRP for the Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum line starts at a not inconsiderable £94.99 for the 560W version, although the ratio of output to price looks less intimidating with the higher power models. The 660W comes in at £104.99 the 760W at £114.99 and the 860W at £124.99.