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EVGA announces G5 Supernova power supply

Available in flavours up to 1000W, the EVGA G5 Supernova modular PSU series features active fan control for silent operation when under light loads.

EVGA PSU Modular

EVGA has announced the arrival of its new range of power supplies, the G5 Supernova. This is an 80 PLUS Gold rated line up of fully modular PSUs that starts out fairly high at 650W and tops out with a formidable 1000W unit.

The G5 Supernovas are equipped with active fan control, so they run silent at low temperatures. The 135mm fan kicks in when needed and due to the size of it shouldn’t need to work too hard to keep a lid on things

The G5 carries Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP) and Over Temperature Protection (OTP). This should effectively shield your system from anything coming up the power cable.

It feels like it would be remiss not to pay some homage to the audacity of naming a new line of power supplies after a kind of absolutely gigantic explosion. It’s a bold move and it is one that EVGA have backed with a ten year warranty on the PSU.

The EVGA G5 Supernovas are not available just yet in Europe, though they are available in the USA so they should be along soon. The US prices are $199.99 for the 1000W version, $159.99 for the 850W, $139.99 for the 750W and $129.99 for the 650W.