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EKWB announces EK-AIO all-in-one coolers

EKWB announce a new all-in-one CPU cooler range, due to launch later this month and starting at prices less than €100 for the 120mm model.

Set of three multi-coloured fans on cooling block

EKWB is a company that has traditionally provided more customisable liquid cooling systems but with the EK-AIO range they are dipping into the less complicated waters of all-in-one coolers. The EK-AIO range of all-in-one coolers provides a simplified introduction to the world of water cooling using a universally compatible CPU waterblock, without compromising on cooling. There are three EK-AIO coolers, the 120, 240 and 360, each corresponding to the length of the radiator.

Visually the EK-AIO range is equipped with addressable RGB lighting in both the CPU cooler and the fans that is compatible with the lighting controllers of most motherboard brands. By contrast to some of the wild visual designs you can get using EKWBs more full-on water cooling setups an A-RGB cooler and fan line-up is perhaps less exciting, but it’s no slouch in its class.

The radiator fans used across the range are 120mm EK-Varders with PWM control for noise reduction. At maximum speed of 2200 RPM they output around 36 dBa.

The EK-AIO range is available to pre-order now with a release date of the 28th of February. The EK-AIO 120 retails for €67.98, the EK-AIO 240 for €113.35 and the EK-AIO 360 for €136.04.