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Corsair puts screen on reservoir, result looks like Fisher Price toy

New Corsair iCUE Link XD5 RGB Elite LCD is a pump/reservoir combo for PC water cooling, and features a 480 x 480 LCD with a curved chassis.

Corsair iCUE Link XD5 RGB Elite LCD reservoir with baby toys

If having a case full of RGB LEDs isn’t giving your PC’s interior enough flex, and even the screen on your CPU waterblock isn’t doing it for you anymore, then Corsair has the answer for you. The new (and concisely named) Corsair iCUE Link XD5 RGB Elite LCD enables you to add one more screen to your custom PC water cooling loop, this time on your pump/reservoir combo unit.

This new Corsair reservoir is designed for those who want to build a water-cooled PC with a custom loop, rather than using a standard AIO cooler, and its integrated 2.1-inch LCD is a market first in this industry. The screen has a 480 x 480 resolution, and can either be used to display figures such as the CPU or coolant temperature in real time, or to display custom images and animated GIFs.

In addition, the hew XD5 RGB Elite LCD supports Corsair iCUE Link, which enables Corsair components to be daisy-chained together without the need for multiple Molex or SATA power connectors for each component, reducing cable mess. There’s also a Xylem D5 pump with PWM control integrated into this combo unit’s housing.

However, to my eyes, the curved, chunky housing makes the XD5 RGB Elite LCD look a bit like a baby toy, and the screen doesn’t really help here either. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though, and while having an LCD on your reservoir is entirely superfluous to requirements, you can also say the same for RGB lighting and sleeved PSU cables.

Corsair iCUE Link XD5 RGB Elite LCD with mesh tubing inside PC

Corsair iCUE Link XD5 RGB Elite LCD price

The Corsair iCUE Link XD5 RGB Elite LCD price is $299, which is very expensive for a reservoir/pump combo unit. You’re really only paying for the fancy LCD and lighting.

Price: $299 (£299).

As well as the reservoir, Corsair has also taken the opportunity to release a few more additions to its Hydro X lineup of water cooling gear. One is a new range of Corsair iCUE Link XG7 RGB 40-Series GPU waterblocks, which also support the aforementioned Corsair iCUE Link system.

Only one of the new waterblocks is available so far, and it is designed to fit MSI Gaming Suprim and Gaming Tri GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards, with a price of $229 (£229), but a range of blocks based on the design for different graphics cards are expected to be released.

Finally, Corsair has also taken the opportunity to launch a new line of classy-looking flexible tubing, providing an easier route for beginners to get into custom water cooling than hardline tubing. The new Corsair Hydro X Series XT Softline Mesh Tubing is made from EPDM rubber, and has a layer of mesh around it. The new tubing is available in both black and white.

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