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Corsair unleashes its fastest SSD yet, meet the MP700 Pro

Corsair fights back against Crucial with new PCIe 5 NVMe M.2 SSD that hits 12,400MB/s, and comes with active air cooler and waterblock options

Corsair MP700 Pro SSD with air cooler

Corsair has upped the ante in the battle for the fastest SSD, with a brand new PCIe 5 NVMe SSD that boasts sequential read speeds of up to 12,400MB/s. It looks like the new Corsair MP700 Pro gets pretty toasty when it’s running at full pelt as well, as the company provides a heatsink with an active fan for it, as well as a waterblock option.

Corsair’s previous flagship SSD was the Corsair MP700, which lost out to the faster Crucial T700 when it came to being listed on our guide to the best SSD for gaming. However, the new Corsair MP700 Pro SSD matches the Crucial T700’s top claimed sequential read speed of 12,400MB/s, as well as its top sequential write speed of 11,800MB/s. Both drives use the same Phison controller, so it’s no surprise that they both top out at the same maximum claimed speeds.

Corsair MP700 Pro SSD in motherboard

Unlike Crucial, however, Corsair has also paid serious attention to cooling this monster of an SSD. We found that the Crucial T700’s basic heatsink only dropped the temperature by a small amount compared to not using one in our Crucial T700 review, but Corsair has gone well beyond the standard heatsink offering with the air-cooled version of the MP700 Pro.

The MP700 Pro air cooler is a large block that sits directly on top of the SSD, featuring some seriously chunky heatsink fins with a metal top, as well as a small fan that gets its juice from a SATA power connector.

Corsair MP700 Hydro X SSD with waterblock

If you’re lucky enough to have a custom water-cooling system, then Corsair also has an SSD cooling option for you in the form of the MP700 Pro Hydro X Series. This version of the SSD comes with a factory-fitted waterblock, which has a copper contact plate and a pair of standard 1/4-inch fittings to plumb into a pair of standard water cooling fittings.

Both 1TB and 2TB capacities of the MP700 Pro are available at launch now, with a 4TB version promised in the future.

Corsair MP700 Pro specs

The Corsair MP700 Pro specs list is:

Cache 4 GB LPDDR4 4266MHz DRAM (on 2 TB drive)
Cooling options No heatsink, actively-cooled air cooler, waterblock
Capacities available 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB
NAND Micron 3D TLC
Interface 4x PCIe 5, NVMe 2
Controller Phison E26
Warranty Five years

Corsair MP700 Pro price

The Corsair MP700 Pro price is $179 for the lowest drive in the range. This is expensive for an SSD, but it offers the fastest speeds available, and the cooling options on more expensive models look really effective.


  • $179 (£185) – 1TB Corsair MP700 Pro with no heatsink
  • $189 (£199) – 1TB Corsair MP700 Pro with air cooler
  • $325 (£335) – 2TB Corsair MP700 Pro with air cooler or Hydro X Series waterblock

While it’s great to see SSDs pushing the boundaries of data-transfer performance, it’s also important to remember that these big numbers rarely translate into the same level of real-world benefits in general use, including gaming. However, these fast SSDs are ideal if you do a lot of file transfers, and it’s really good to see Corsair focusing on cooling these hot-running new drives.

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