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Corsair unveils Vengeance RAM kits breaking the 5000MHz barrier

We now live in a world where gaming RAM sticks can reach speeds of 5,000MHz, as Corsair announces its latest and fastest Vegeance kits.

Corsair Vengence RAm module on white background

Corsair has announced that their newest and fastest Vengeance RAM kits are now available at a 5000MHz speed. This makes it currently the fastest commercially available RAM based on stock speeds, overtaking the G.Skill Trident Z Royal on 4800MHz.

It wasn’t so long ago that breaking 50000MHz on RAM was a considerable overclocking achievement typically involving a lot of liquid nitrogen. Thankfully the Vengeance RAM does not require this kind of assistance to get it over the line but it is still supplied with a Vengeance Airflow cooling fan that can be clipped onto the DIMMs to provide a degree of active cooling.

As well as being the fastest commercially available RAM this particular type of Vengeance DDR4 sits among the most expensive too, as the price for 2x 8GB kits for is £1199.99.