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Corsair releases new RGB gaming mice

The Corsair Nightsword RGB and M55 RGB Pro both pack addressable LEDs but they couldn't be more different in size, shape, and specification.

Gaming mouse with textured grip on white background

Corsair has unveiled two new gaming mice, the extremely epically named Nightsword RGB and somewhat less epically named M55 RGB Pro.

The Nightsword RGB is a ten-button, right-handed mouse. It includes an 18,000dpi sensor and a tuneable weight system that purports to tracks its centre of gravity in real time. There are 120 different weight configurations too, and the Corsair iCUE software supports fine calibration while providing detailed feedback. You can customise sensitivity to within a single DPI, plus there lots of buttons, lots of features and some lights too for good measure.

The M55 RGB Pro, by contrast, is an ambidextrous lightweight mouse (86g) with a symmetrical design. This means that, while it has eight buttons, some of them might be inconveniently placed, depending on whether you’re coming at it right handed or southpaw. The sensitivity is 12,400dpi, and is adjustable in steps of 100dpi.

The Nightsword RGB is priced at £69.99 inc VAT, while the M55 RGB Pro comes in at £44.99 inc VAT.