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Corsair launches the iCUE LS100 lighting strip system

Corsair launches the iCUE LS100 USB RGB lighting strip system, for everyone out there that simply needs more LEDs in their gaming PC setup.

PC LED lighting strip on a white background

Corsair has launched their new PC lighting system, the iCUE LS100, which is a USB powered set of RBG LED strips that you install on the outside of your PC, specifically on the back of the monitor, to provide ambient light. Being part of the iCUE family means it is designed to be compatible with other products using the iCUE software, which means you can have your case, your fans, your keyboard, your mouse, your mousepad and now ambient external lights all coordinated with the same interface.

On the one hand this feels a bit like the bottom of a slippery slope argument over what might happen if we all just put RGB LEDs on everything, but on the other hand this is such a pure nerd power move that it’s hard to argue why it shouldn’t be done. The iCUE software even has some compatible games, so that it will react with the lighting to events in the game, which could be terrible or it could be great, depending on the game.

The iCUE LS100 starter kit includes 2x 450mm strips with 27 LEDs and 2x 250mm strips with 15 LEDs for a total of 84 addressable LEDs. It also includes a USB controller and power source able to manage 192 LEDs. The strips are attached with magnetic fasteners with adhesive backing. This feels like a smarter system than relying on tape on the strip itself, which we’ve encountered with mixed results on USB ambient lighting systems in the past.

The iCUE LS100 kits are available now on the Corsair webstore for £79.99.