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Cooler Master releases low-noise cases

As you might expect, the Cooler Master Silencio S400 and S600 gaming PC cases prioritise minimal noise levels above all else with dampening materials.

PC gaming case on white background

Cooler Master has released two new mid-range silenced cases, the aptly named Silencio S400 and S600. The new Cooler Master cases have a minimalist aesthetic bordering on the Cubist. The construction makes extensive use of sound dampening materials, even in the optional window for the side panel.

There’s an optional cover on the top of the casing, which can either serve as noise dampening when in place, or as ventilation when removed. The front door can be removed or remounted to open from the opposite side, which is a clever touch. The hard drive cage is likewise able to be repositioned to your liking.

As standard, the Silencio S400 and S600 come with two Silencio FP 120mm PWM fans on insulated mounts to reduce noise.

The Silencio S600 is the larger of the two cases, able to mount a full ATX motherboard and is priced at £89.99 inc VAT. The smaller S400 holds a micro-ATX motherboard and retails for £79.99 inc VAT.