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Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse available for pre-order

If you're in the market for a unique looking clicker, the Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse could be just what you're after thanks ot its honeycomb chassis.

Gaming mouse on grey background

Some design choices demand respect and our hats go off to whoever it was signed off on the bizarre looking Cooler Master MM710. This new ultra-lightweight gaming mouse sports a honeycomb casing that gets the weight of the MM710 down to a miniscule 52g.

The casing looks like it could be murder for trypophobia sufferers but as long as you’re not squicked out by holes in things it makes a lot of sense to reduce weight here. The holes are all across the mouse, top, sides, bottom, even the buttons up to the points where your fingers sit.

At the heart of the MM710 is a PMW3389 optical sensor with a native 16000 DPM resolution, although the designers still found room for a sensitivity control, allowing you to step up from 400 DPM to 16000 DPM over seven different increments.

The cable has an ultraweave covering to reduce friction and the body of the MM710 also has quite sizeable feet to give it a smooth motion.

There are a total of six buttons, the main left and right, mouse-wheel click, DPM switch and two thumb buttons for right handed users. This isn’t a lot, and it leaves lefties out of luck, but it’s plenty for most games.

The MM710 is available for €49.99 and should be expected to arrive in late September.