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Cherry Xtrfy wants to sell you a PC gaming keyboard and mouse

Manufacturer of MX mechanical keyboard switches promises cutting-edge gaming gear from new brand, following its acquisition of Xtrfy.

Keyboard and keyswitch maker Cherry has announced its own PC gaming keyboard brand, called Cherry Xtrfy. The move follows Cherry’s acquisition of gaming peripheral maker Xtrfy in December 2022, and shows Cherry attempting to carve out its own niche in the enormous mechanical gaming keyboard market, while also making other PC gaming peripherals.

Cherry says the new brand signals “a fresh era in cutting-edge gaming gear and a unified portfolio of gaming peripherals.” Xtrfy’s Managing Director and Co-founder, Joakim Jansson, who stayed on after the acquisition, stated that the united firms are “committed to creating new products that help gamers win.” Xtrfy is best known for its ultra-lightweight RGB M4 gaming mouse.

The new Cherry Xtrfy brand comes with a tagline ‘in it to win it’ and a new red logo with a black X in the middle. ‘Our dedication is symbolized by the Winner symbol – X,’ says Jansson, ‘and verbalized through the Chery Xtrfy tagline: In it to win it.’ More news about Cherry Xtrfy is promised at an event in Cologne, Germany, on 26 April.

Cherry Xtrfy

Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches have been featured in many PC gaming keyboards for over a decade, including our current favorite full-size model, the Mountain Everest Max, and our recommended 65 percent keyboard, the Ducky One SF. However, there’s also competition from the likes of Kaihl and Gateron, as well as in-house designs from some keyboard makers, as with the Razer Huntsman V2

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With first-hand access to Cherry’s full lineup of mechanical keyswitches, Cherry Xtrfy could make some seriously competitive products. If you’re looking for a decent PC gaming keyboard, then make sure you check out our guide to the best gaming keyboard, where we list our recommended options at a range of prices.