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BitFenix releases the Saber RGB midi-tower case

With a more reserved LED setup than some others, and plenty of fan slots, the new BitFenix Saber RGB gaming PC case may be the right chassis for you.

Black gaming case with front LED strip

The new BitFenix Saber RGB case is a midi-tower that derives its name from the two addressable RGB light strips down the front of the casing. This puts the Saber RGB on the less garish end of the new wave of RGB cases, one for the folks who like some illumination but don’t necessarily want to be sitting next to a lighthouse.

The front of the Saber RGB is brushed aluminium and home to up to 3x 120mm fans or 2x 140mm fans as well as a dust cover to stop the fans sucking in anything they shouldn’t. One 120mm fan is pre-installed in this part of the case. Notably the fan installed here isn’t illuminated, although pre-installed at the back of the case there is a 120mm RGB fan. There is also space in the roof of the case for 2x 120mm fans and a dust filter too. You could also mount a 240mm radiator in the roof or a 360mm radiator in the front. The top of the case has a magnetic cover, so you can seal it up, open it as a passive vent, or install fans there, depending on how nervous you are about temperatures.

As you would expect for an RGB case the side panel is tempered glass and there is a compartment in the bottom to keep the PSU tucked away.

The BitFenix Saber RGB is available for pre-order at £82.99 although it’s exact dispatch date is not yet confirmed.