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be quiet! Silent Wings 4 140mm review

This superb PC case fan might not have any fancy RGB lighting, but it offers great cooling performance while making very little noise.

be quiet Silent Wings 4 140mm

Our Verdict


A smooth, quiet and supremely efficient 140mm PC case fan.

We were recently wowed by the 120mm be quiet! Silent Wings 4 High Speed, which is right up there with the Noctua NF-A12x25 in terms of airflow, efficiency, and noise levels. If you want to add some 140mm fans to your case, though, or kit out large 140mm radiators, then the slower-spinning be quiet! Silent Wings 4 140mm here is a better candidate.

Peaking at a top speed of 1,000rpm, it’s not an airflow daemon so it’s not ideal for using on radiators with medium to high heat loads, where the flexibility of fast-spinning fans are needed to cope on warmer days. Like the 120mm High Speed model, the Silent Wings 4 140mm comes with push-pin fittings that allow it to be installed in seconds with no tools, but also has replacement corner sections for included fan screws or radiator screws.

The Silent Wings 4 140mm uses a 6-pole fan motor and fluid-dynamic bearing, and its corner sections all have anti-vibration mounts. As we saw with the 120mm version, noise quality is superb, with no whine or tone noticeable at any speed and just a low thrum of airflow noise. At its maximum speed of 1,100rpm, the airflow of 0.7m/s was less than half that of the Thermaltake SWAFAN 14 RGB, but the latter was also spinning twice as fast and was significantly louder.

be quiet Silent Wings 4 140mm

With the fan fixed to run at 1,000rpm, the Silent Wings 4 140mm also offered more airflow than the more expensive Thermaltake SWAFAN 14 RGB and ADATA XPG Hurricane 140 ARGB as well, with an airflow measurement of 0.55m/s compared to 0.46m/s for the Thermaltake and 0.44m/sec for the ADATA, and the be quiet! Gan was several decibels quieter too. Meanwhile, at a noise-normalized 40dBA setting, it spun faster than the Thermaltake and ADATA fans, and offered more airflow than the competition too.

Silent Wings 4 140mm pros and cons


  • Great airflow-to-noise ratio
  • Good sound quality
  • Tool-free fittings


  • Not very powerful
  • No RGB lighting
  • Expensive

Silent Wings 4 140mm specs

The be quiet! Silent Wings 4 140mm specs list is:

Max speed 1,100 rpm
Stated noise 13.6 dBA
PWM control Yes
RGB lighting No
Accessories Push-pin case mounts

Silent Wings 4 140mm price

The be quiet! Silent Wings 4 140mm price is expensive for a fan with no RGB lighting, but it justifies the cost with its superb cooling performance and low noise output.

Price: Expect to pay $25 (£24).

Silent Wings 4 140mm review conclusion

If you need a 140mm fan with modest airflow, but exceptionally low noise levels and high efficiency then the be quiet! Silent Wings 4 140mm is superb, as long as you don’t want RGB lighting. It also has great sound quality and is easy to install. Thankfully, if you need a little more grunt, it comes in a High Speed version too, but both models come recommended, depending on your needs.

If the Silent Wings 140mm doesn’t tick all your boxes, make sure you check out our guide to the best PC fan, where we run through all the best options, with and without RGB lighting, to suit your needs.