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Are the 3rd generation Threadrippers about to be announced?

Recent leaks put the announcement of 3rd generation Threadrippers on November 7, meaning we may soon see the 3960X, 3970X, and 3990X CPUs from AMD.

AMD Black White Logo

There have been more rumours around the third generation Threadripper CPUs than almost anything lately; it’s hard to tell if AMD are running a leaky ship or if they’re just happy to let folks make interested noises about their new supermassive CPU baby due this month. Speaking of which, the aforementioned supermassive CPU baby, the third generation of Threadrippers, is apparently due to be officially announced on the 7th of November.

This leak is from Videocardz and includes the news that the first wave of CPUs includes the 3960X, the 3970X and the 3990X, although with the latter only in the form of a teaser. We should also expect the motherboard partners to start showing off their new TRX40 ranges, and maybe we’ll get a looksee at the rumoured new CPU socket.