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ARCTIC launches new Freezer 50 TR cooler for Threadripper CPUs

Respected cooler king Artic has released its new CPU chiller the Freezer 50TR in an effort to cool the beasts that are AMD Threadripper processors.

Artic Freezer cooler with Ryzen logo

ARCTIC has released their Freezer 50 TR, a cooler specifically designed to handle the formidable demands of the AMD Threadripper CPUs. To this end it is a dual tower design with eight heat pipes and two fans cramming as much air through it as possible while the PWM controller keeps the noise levels down. The capper to this is an A-RGB lighting system with 13 LEDs to make this not only an extremely powerful cooler but one that’s easy on the eye as well.

The heat sink itself has a large surface area, with the heatpipes built into in such a way that they are in direct contact with the CPU. The radiator is aluminium, with a dense phalanx of 104 fins.

The fan configuration for the Freezer 50 TR is interesting too, using an asymmetrical pair of fans working in tandem. There is a 120mm fan on one side of the radiator with a 140mm radiator in the centre, with the opposite side as a vent. These two fans have a push/pull set up so that even at times when the fan speeds are comparatively low they are still aggressively hoofing a lot of air through the radiator.

The ARGB lighting is a nice touch, there’s not so much of it there that it would make the cooler stand out like a carnival float on the motorway in a no frills build, but at the same time if you’re going for that illuminated disco build the Freezer 50 TR has made the effort.

The Arctic Freezer 50 TR is available now for £59.99.