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Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB review

Only available in packs of three, the Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB are rather expensive but offer decent overall performance and dazzling RGB lighting.

Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB review

Our Verdict


Poor airflow and noise efficiency let down this otherwise decent package.

Limited to triple packs at the time of writing that will set you back around $50 / £50, the Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB offers three digital RGB fans that extend their bright and punchy lighting to the fan hub as well as an outer ring, offering a little more pizzazz than the Deepcool FC120.

They use standard 4-pin PWM fan connectors and 3-pin digital RGB connectors, so they’re easy to hook up to your PC and don’t have any proprietary cables. Antec also includes a hub and lighting controller with five fan and lighting ports, which can be controlled from your motherboard or other devices using single PWM and LED cables.

Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB performance

Noise was mid-table in this test, but a fair amount of vibration meant the sound quality was average. At full speed it was a poor result in terms of airflow and efficiency, though, sitting at the opposite end of the scale to the Deepcool FC120.

Dropping to 1,000rpm didn’t improve matters for noise and airflow, although its efficiency was marginally better. While the Antec’s speed was mid-table in our noise-normalized test, its airflow and efficiency were again near the bottom, while the Deepcool FC120 was cheaper and consistently in the top three.

Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB pros and cons


  • RGB lighting
  • Fan and lighting hub
  • Standard connectors


  • Poor airflow
  • Sub-par efficiency
  • Uncompetitive price

Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB specs

The Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB specs list is:

Max speed 2000rpm
Stated noise 33dBA
PWM control Yes
RGB lighting Yes, 3-pin
Accessories Fan and lighting hub

Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB price

Currently only available in a triple pack, these Antec fans are expensive, making them difficult to recommend for a broad selection of buyers.

Antec Prizm X 120 ARGB review conclusion

Poor airflow and efficiency let down the Antec Prizm 120 RGB, despite the good package. If you want affordable, decent-performing RGB fans, the DeepCool FC120s are far better and cheaper.