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AMD gaining market share versus Nvidia and Intel

New findings indicate that AMD is snatching both GPU and CPU customers from its two main rivals, with Intel suffering most against team red.

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A report from Jon Peddie Research claims that in Q2 of 2019 that AMD took a big bit into Nvidia’s market share of the graphics card market. At the same time German online hardware retailer, Mindfactory, has published their CPU sales figures and the AMD chips are selling like hot cakes compared to the more staid sales for Intel chips.

Nvidia will be able to take heart from the fact that their market share, although down from 77% to 67%, is still up on where it was last year, at 63%. They might feel like there is cause to worry however because Q2 of this year only saw the reference AMD Radeon RX 5700s and 5700XTs hitting the shelves, the variants with the custom coolers and higher clock speeds have only just begun to appear.

Nvidia will feel like they still have cards to play. Even if AMD is coming for them in the higher end of the GPU market they still have a potential ace up their sleeve. The Super refresh of the RTX line might have given them a shot in the arm too.

The Intel woes feel more sustained, if rumours of their faintly lacklustre roadmap prove out then AMD might be able to steal another march on them.