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AMD clarifies CPU boost speed issues - announces fix

Inconsistent boost clock speeds on AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors has forced team red to issue a statement as well as a fix for their CPUs.

AMD Ryzen CPU on black background

Last week AMD responded to a survey that indicated that the stated boost speeds of the 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs were not meeting specifications by saying that they’d identified the problem and would be looking to implement a fix as soon as possible. Today they have released a new statement and accompanying blog post with the details of that fix. The post also states that users can expect to start seeing updated BIOS software appear in around three weeks, depending on the speed with which the motherboard manufacturers can implement the changes.

As well as fixing the issue with the boost algorithm that was leading to the often reduced or inconsistent boost levels AMD are also trying to improve performance with this new update. They claim that they have been able to get 25-50MHz more boost speed on their testing rigs, which coupled to fixing the boost speed might see a lot of users getting a noticeable performance bump.

A final change in the BIOS outlined in the blog is aimed at stopping minor applications from using the boost in short, intermittent bursts, such as video players or game launchers. The intent is to create a ‘calmer idle’ state for the system.

AMD will also be releasing the AMD Monitoring SDK on September 30th. This in theory should allow for the development of more consistent monitoring utilities.