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Alphacool unveils the Eisbaer Aurora

Alphacool launches a new range of all-in-one coolers, the Eisabaer Aurora, which arrive in 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, and 420mm models but no single fan configs.

3 fan PC graphics card on white background

Alphacool has launched their updated version of their Eisbaer all in one coolers, the Eisbaer Aurora. This updated range includes a range of under the hood improvements such as beefed up DC-LT pump for the CPU cooler, quieter but more powerful, with improvements also to the tubes and fittings. The CPU cooler and the radiator are copper, with brass fittings for strength. More visibly the new Eisbaer Aurora features a set of A-RGB lighting LEDs on the CPU cooler and new digital A-RGB fans on the radiator.

Notably this new Eisbaer Aurora range doesn’t include any single fan radiator options, the range starts with the 240 version, conveniently named for the length of the radiator. There is a 280 version equipped with twin 140mm fans, then a 360 version and finally a 420 version sporting a trio of 140mm fans. 420mm is a rare size for an all in one radiator and finding a case to accommodate it might be tricky, but it’s a huge amount of radiator area if you need it.

The Alphacool Eisbaer Aurora is available now, starting at €124.95 for the 240, with the 420 at €159.95.