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3rd Gen Threadripper motherboard packaging hints at new socket

Third generation AMD Threadripper processors may require motherboards with a brand-new socket design, as well as different chipsets from their predecessors.

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The first sighting of the box for a new TRX motherboard has been reported over on Videocardz.com. It turns out you can no more judge a motherboard by a snapshot of the box than you can judge a book by its cover, but the packaging for the Aorus TRX40 Xtreme motherboard does at least give us some new information. Most notably it identifies a new socket for the upcoming Threadripper chips, which is called sTRX4.

With the Threadripper Gen 3 looking set to debut with twenty four cores it’s not much of a surprise that the new TRX40 chipset would also need a new socket. We should expect to hear more very soon though, with the Gen 3 Threadrippers said to emerge officially at some point this month.